reinforcing the bottom of a sevylor

So I’ve read little snippets here and there about reinforcing the bottom of a sevylor packraft. Any ideas or tips on how to go about doing this. I know, I know I should buy an Alpacka but, no funds for that so please help.

I have been thinking of reinforcing the bottom of my Flytepacker too!

My best idea would be to glue on kevlar fabric to the bottom of the tubes.

For example, I have an Ursack, a bear resistant bag, which is made out of the same kelvar fabric that prison guard uniforms are made from.

But, I have not followed up on this idea.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

To follow up on my kevlar fabric idea: one can buy kevlar fabric by the yard pretty cheap on the internet and Ebay.

Although you might have to buy a pair of shears to cut it, the stuff is light weight and bullet proof. What more could one ask?

I’ve used Casco’s Liquisole to glue parts to my boat and used the excess glue to reinforce damaged parts of my Yak’s floor. Technically the whole floor could be reinforced with this stuff and the result would likely be almost as durable as standard Alpacka raft floor.

Liquisole is one sort of a stretching rubber glue manufactured by a finnish company. There sure are many similar products in the market.

Try the solution I posted in ‘ultra cheap packraft’. It works fine.

As I can’t afford a real Packraft, I’ve beefed up a ton of sevylors with PVC shower liner from home depot with some oaty PVC glue. Make select cuts for the vulnerable parts of the boat like the sides and under ur ass and just glue the hell out of em. My sevylor 2 person super caravelle and sevylor fish hunter 280 are tanks and constantly go down high grade class 3 water without popping yet.

It will however make your boat signifigently heavier.

Dear Kcleams, I plan to use Bostic 1782 glue, but may I ask ya, what is the stronger boat to cut down and turn it slack raft, the Fish Hunter or the Super Caravelle?

I’m trying to decide between the two and some experienced advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Alex.
Thames Auxiliary Marine Service.

No probs, Polymarine PCV and Kevlar fabric is the way I’m going to go.

Without protective equipment

Try the solution I posted in ‘ultra cheap packraft’. It works fine.


Nice one!