Recording Packrafting with a Drone

What do you all think about this? It seems like the newer ones are quieter so are less intrusive to the wilderness experience. Does anyone have a drone? I have found that our crew learns a LOT about our technique by taking footage of ourselves, and this seems like a great way to do so now that they have drones that will track you automatically. I was thinking about getting the DJI Mini Pro 3.

Looks like Luc Mehl recently got one, he posted some amazingly beautiful footage.

I’ve been thinking about this as well… Thanks for posting this.

From my standpoint + experience, it seems like the value of drone is:

  • Aerial scouting
  • Optimal footage review angle
  • Awesome + unique footage

Their audible disturbance of wildlife environments for animals and other people enjoying the space is something I’m not a fan of, but you pose a great point in that they’re getting quieter and perhaps more acceptable.

I plan to use one to scout out a river trip next year to see where and where not the river is runnable.

I used to hate them because they were so loud and intrusive. They have gotten pretty inconspicuous. And the potential to scout ahead on a gorge for a first descent it kinda a big deal. I’m gonna order a DJI Mini Pro 2 on Black Friday.

Looking forward to it for you!

I’m interested to see where the technology + features go in this realm. I’ve got a strong feeling it’s just in its infancy. With scouting, footage, rescue, etc. so many possibilities.

I’m Using the DJI mini 2, it’s brilliant… 4k filming, less noice than other drones. Plus you don’t need registration because it’s under 3kg…

Auto return function is great… specially cos it loses connection in remote areas pretty often.

buy the “fly more combo” if you can with extra batteries etc, super worth it.

And look through tutorials on YouTube there are a lot of tricks n hacks to get the most of it and be secure in the use of it.

Congrats on a good buy! Hope BFriday gives you a good price!

Love the hear you’re really enjoying it @Joelhero!

It seems like the Mini 3 Pro, with it’s obstacle detection + focused tracking features, might be worthwhile to pay a bit more for at the moment, but interested to hear your take on that?

Also, it’s interesting to see how these are being used in the cinematography space to capture unique, stellar shots, but I’m super excited to see how these will continue to be used in the adventure space, esp. for packrafting given their ability to scout, etc.