Recognizing 'Echo Bend'

Hola, I’m from Fairbanks so I’m not familiar with all of Anchorage’s trails and rivers. From all the other threads it seems that this is obvious, but how does one recognize Echo Bend and the trail to the visitors center when on the river? Is it marked or otherwise obvious before getting sucked into the rapids? On the map, is Echo Bend the hard bend from NNE to E after Icicle Glacier’s creek?

Thanks for your help!


Echo bend is just west of Dew Mound or down river of Dishwater creek ~2 miles DS of Icicle Creek. The river is flowing roughly due west and then turns north at Echo bend and then shortly afterwards does a quick 180 (from west to east) before flowing north again. You could actually go further (through the 180 bend) and then do a fairly mellow bushwack from the top of the rapids to the trail. I doubt you’ll get “sucked in” unless you’re totally oblivious or are just not paying attention. There is a small sign for Echo Bend if you are looking for it.

61 degrees 11.740’ N 149 degrees 15.379 W or about 520 feet/elev

Right Paddling Regression, you simply can not miss it. You’ll hear it and the whole river narrows into a “gate” – there’s a horizon line, that says “big drop”. Time to get out.