Rebellion- Revolution - Rotation (Pool session in Germany)

Germany has its rollover now too! Latest pool session:

In the unlike case anyone is from the area, feel free to join us, Tuedays, 10 PM, Freital/Buga Center.

Still to work on the thigh strap configuration (place and durability).
My own hip bend need further training too, but the fellow made it smooth.


Good to see! :slight_smile:

to be continued nevertheless.

My entry over in Romans blog:
“I find thigh strap placement Tim likewise my preference, BUT there is a benefit of a third location directly to the knee making the shape of the straps a triangle, resulting in a stroke much more responsive to the whole body of the boat as well as the force distributing over the fabric (avoiding a leverage stress). I tested this idea with a third strap AROUND the bottom of the boat - very promising.
To address another issue: compare Tim’s combat roll to the rolls in the pool session above. See the bow going high up for with the novices? I think this is a habit and result of quick learning (technically leaning way back to lengthen force) - and a potential issue in a real river. Imagine moving water (relative to the boat movement) getting on the stern while rolling - resulting in a potential “bandersnatch” and back flip. It is relatively easy to get up – a clean, plain rotation (proper hip bend, limit leaning back) is another thing. Something I have to work on myself too.”