Re: Anyone who has Vibram Five Fingers Shoes?

Yes, my girlfriend have them and both use them for rafting

Assuming you want them for some rafting (why else woudl you post here :slight_smile: ) I would recommend the KSO or the Flow models. The Flow are “heavier duty”.

As to sizing, I take a 47 in a normal shoe and a 46 is a better fit for me in the Five FIngers. I have the KSO.



Nymboida Rv.

Only just got them, had them for about a month. The KSO are supposed to be designed for wet, so we’ll see…

Surf booties like the ONiell Superfreak are another similar option.

Hello Guys,

Please suggest me which company to make five fingers shoes & sell the best quality with features less shoe my company need for shoe and send company contact number otherwise send the message for this thread.