quick trip, nsw south coast

my mate steve and i went for a quick overnighter on the south coast of nsw, in the nadgee-howe wilderness area. This is a short creek, slow pools, tannin-stained, bushcrowded portages. We fished for aussie bass in the pools, other targets in the estuary and off the rocks outside the estuary. Nothing rowdy on the water. It was a 'mixed media trip, with me on the dory and steve in a kayak. He is now desperately sold on packrafts !

The put in:

big pools

tannin pools from the cliffs

Loaded raft and flyrod

campsite pull-in

brekkie time

fishing off the stones

local seacliffs

Great pics but where are the fish? :slight_smile:

Too busy fishin to take pics of fish !

I am indeed desperate to get a packraft having seen Jules in action,Sadly poverty is preventing me ordering a new one at the mo, BUT… if any one has an older one they are upgrading or an unused/spare raft that they want to sell, I would be very keen to hear from you? I am considering the 10% off christmas special but this would mean no food, presents or blankets for the children this christmas :smiling_imp: So I would prefer used as a first option.


I don’t think you will have much luck finding a second hand alpaca in Australia. Apparently there have only been 20 sold in Australia and I have four of them in my shed + your mates one, that only leaves 15 possibilities, we could probably account for the rest just from the viewers of this forum. Good luck anyway, i would just get a new one, you will not regret it and there is always next Christmas for the kids.

Yes it does not look good if there are only 20 here!! I may have to wait for the exchange rate to improve a bit though, as a Denali Llama would cost nearly $1300 at the current rate :unamused: . Surely you don’t need 4 of them? :wink: