Questions about Alpacka Explorer 42 and cargo fly

After a few years of patience, I’m getting very close to pulling the trigger on a packraft, and I had a few questions that maybe some of you could answer.

Strongly considering the Explorer 42, since it can be used for both one or two people. Would it be sufficient for two people to use on a multi-day packrafting trip? We’re both rather small people (125 lbs and 150 lbs), so of course it would work for us on a single day with minimal gear, but could it handle two people and overnight gear?

On Alpacka’s site, they state that the cargo weight for the Explorer is 50 lbs with the cargo fly, and 100 lbs without. That decrease is due to the lower amount of air in the chamber when you have gear in it, taking up space, correct? So you’d lose buoyancy. Because of that, my assumption is that without the cargo fly, the raft could more safely carry two people and gear, while maybe sacrificing some maneuverability.

Thanks for any help. Looking forward to getting into this and being part of the community.

Just in case anyone lands here with the same questions, I contacted Alpacka directly. They say that for smaller people such as my wife and I, the Explorer 42 is a good bet. Should have more than enough cargo capacity for overnight gear for two people whether you use the cargo fly or not. Cargo fly is preferable especially with two people because it results in more sitting room.

I use the Explorer often – it is a great boat. Handles whitewater well and extra roomy, even with a second person though I use it mostly single. A backrest for the back seat would be a good addition to the boat, although you’d have to install or order extra D-links at the stern to add one. My only complaint is that there doesn’t appear to be a good self-bailer fit for the boat even when there is one for the GNU – which means you will have to bail more often if headed into ww. That said, the rivers in the Eastern US are not typically continuous – offering more pool drop style rapids – so it is easier to bail than say if you’re in a canyon land somewhere. I’m not sure where you plan to packraft but keep that in mind.