Question for any one over 40 and willing to admit it

Is the higher seat arangement on the fjord explorer easier on your body than a regular alpacka ? and is the fjord explorer easier to exit cause of the high seat? I rowed a low seat raft yesterday, and one thing I realized is my body didnt like being low and almost flat with legs extended and straight back( although given time I may get used to it). And it seemed hard to exit from a ground seated position. My body seems to prefer a canoe style position.I have been a canoeist and not much kayaking. I am just curious how the explorer compares to the other alpackas in this department. Thanks

Any elevation you can give to your seat will make it easier on you shoulers while paddling as well as give you a ton more leverage. The only downside is (if you stay in your alpacka with thigh straps) is your head will be further underwater if you flip.

Thanks for the reply alaskacreeker, I probably would be using explorer to row mainly around small lakes to relax after work, so not much chance of flipping.