Pumps and pressure.

Just tossing this on out there. I had the idea of drilling a hole in the packraft cap and mounting a Schrader valve into it. That would let you use a bike pump to inflate the raft. Don’t think you would gain inflation speed but you could get a higher pressure. Just wondering what extra pressure would mean out on the water and what dangerous pressure might look like.

Stupid idea I know… or is it?

PS, Greenland paddles work well with a packraft on open water but a sliding/race stroke spins you too much.


Hi Nathan,

Not a bad idea at all. I have drilled a hole in my plug and inserted a long hose so I can inflate/ temper without getting out of the boat and a valve like that would probably work equally well. I would worry about anything likely to corrode though. I can’t really comment on pressure, but it may or may not lead to busted seams (?) though I think the seams in some packrafts are stronger than the actual material (again a ?)

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a pump for my swimming pool. I am slightly confused which one to buy as there are a lot of companies with different specification. Which pump should I buy? Please help me.