Pulled the triger on a Llama

OK, guys, it’s all your fault! Packrafting seems to be one of those activities which when you first hear about it you develop an absolute craving for gear you didn’t even know existed a mere couple of weeks ago. I came across this forum and Alpackas in general by being sent over from somebody at hammockforums.org (and I though the gear fever was bad there!). So here I am: A newby now with a 2011 Llama, spray skirt and Sywleor paddle on order and with a considerable dent in my pocket. Pls assure me and tell me I did the right thing!
Thanks, Chris

You did the right thing…

I’m in the same boat! Pardon the pun. Placed my order for a Llama friday. I first saw these boats floating the South Fork Of the Flathead in 2007. We were walking and fishing our way out. July 2012 I plan to be floating and fishing my from the confluence of Danaher/Youngs down to Meadow Crk. Meanwhlie, I’ll be honing my packrafting system in east TN and western NC.

There and back!