Public perceptions of pack rafters!

So…all a bit quiet; guess its winter! Was browsing for something on another part of the website. Came across the question of someone looking for a metal helmet that you can use to also cook in!

Great idea for saving weight!..I think.

Just reminded me of pulling stuff out of my gear bag at the training course with many of you guys…imagine your surprise if I pulled out a billy, and introduced it as my helmet!!

Maybe if you presented at Penrith with a camp oven on you head, they’d let you paddle the course in a Packraft? :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is well…looking forward to spring!!

This packraft pot helmet concept could make you a very rich man Chris; it is a multi function helmet of unbelievable potential. Use it on cold nights in the tent when one does not wish to venture out for natures call(s). Also makes a handy bucket to wash ones socks/undies in. Mini fire bucket/stove. Portable Chair / Stool. A sea anchor for the packraft (used with throw rope). Live bait tank for packraft fishermen. A fish kill tank for the fishermen. Bailing bucket. Good for charity collections from fellow campers. Rubbish (recycling) bin. Water drip collection. Emergency fire fighting bucket. Ice bucket for the Chardonnay. Spider catcher for the tent, a KFC bucket… The possibilities are endless!!! I really want one of those helmets , what colours do they come in and can you fit a Go Pro??

Some good brainstorming Gents but I feel there are a couple of missing details. For a true lightweight multi-use helmet / cooking device it will definitely need to be titanium. A cuben fiber attachment should be included which can act as a visor or neck protector, used as a pasta strainer in cook mode and be configured as an ultralight container to double as your water bottle.