Princess Royal Island, July/Aug '09

Heya folks, I just thought I’d chime in and let y’all know about the trip we’re planning across Princess Royal Island in the Great Bear Rainforest this next summer. Here’s the gist of it:

  • 3 guys
  • 3 weeks (21 days)
  • One island
  • 869 square miles of ancient temperate rainforest
  • No residents
  • No roads
  • No trails
  • One legendary bear is for sale | HugeDomains

Erin & Hig crossed PRI in August '07 using a couple of long fjords to cross the island diagonally. We’re choosing a much longer (more overland) route that will explore some of the most remote and untracked valleys on the island. (BTW, I’m not trying to compete w/ Erin & Hig… I’ve been talking with them… just noting the differences in the treks.) I’ve been planning this trip for about 3-4 years now… looking at their crossing was really an inspiration to finally git’r’done.

We’re starting on the extreme NW corner of the island at Home Bay, making our way East to the ghost town of Butedale, and then zig-zagging South across the entire island, making our way down to neighboring Swindle Island and the native town of Klemtu. The route has never before been attempted. Due to the heavily cliffed and fjorded nature of its geography, such a trip wouldn’t be possible without a highly portable and durable form of water-travel (thank you, Alpacka!). We’ll probably split our time about 60-40 on land and water.

We’d love to get some unique shots of Spirit Bears… we’re there for three weeks, and figure we’ve got as good a chance as anyone. We’re bringing minimal tree-climbing equipment to get up into the lower canopy of the rainforest (where the really good shots happen). Should be fun! We’re pretty stoked about it.

Just wanted to share. Happy exploring!

  • Mike

That looks like a great plan Mike! Glad to see you found some hiking companions crazy enough to wade into that much rainforest bushwhack. :slight_smile: I hope you have better luck than us at seeing Kermode.

So wait, you’re saying there’s like, trees n’ stuff there? No one told me that! I’d better rethink this. :wink:

I’m happy to have found a couple other folks to go. I was considering it solo, but promised my wife I’d look for partners on this particular journey, so here I am (unlike you, not all our significant others’ are as into this stuff as we are!). I’m fairly confident we can make this into a pretty spectacular trek. As for seeing a Kermode, time will tell. We don’t have 2,800 more miles still to go on our journey, so hopefully we’ll be able to stick around & look for 'em awhile. :mrgreen: Here’s hoping!

Got 'yer mail. Thanks!

  • Mike