PR Canada

here is a link to Tom Grundy’s page detailing an epic PR trip in the NW territories in 2005 that shows what these things are capable of. Next summer i’m planning another trip to down one or more of the rivers in Manitoba (i’ve unfortunately relocated to ND now) that drain into lake winnipeg. These are remote wilderness rivers that are normally accessed only by float-plane. of course that was before pack-rafting! I’ll do it much the same way as in the Cirque trip, only minus the climbing gear. Probaly will do the Pigeon river first, as it looks like it’s got some good WW. (here’s the link!enjoy)

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As for rafts I always take measures for all sorts of different sizes and styles. From ‘Beaver Boats’ holding 2 or 3 paddlers to Monster Rafts with motors carrying 16 persons or more. There are rafts with oar frames and rafts for paddlers. There are self-bailing rafts and there are ‘bucket boats’ that require the crew to bail out water that gets in.