Poulter, Waimakariri, Hurunui & Maruia Rivers NZ

Hey Guy’s,

Myself and Mick B spent 9 days in NZ South Island in late March this year walking & pack rafting. Will attempt to write up a bit of a trip report sometime soon (Mick?:slight_smile: But for now here’s a few videos of the 4 main rivers we hit up. Cheers Haydn.

Great work on the vids there Haydn, stepping up on the edit and tunes and some lovely looking water. How’d you go on the truts?


Great job Haydn.

Some really nice footage and beautifully shot opening scenes.

Well done on the editing. Looked like a great trip.

Great job Haydn, we certainly got lucky with gorgeous weather and enough water to have fun. Thanks to the guys at Springfield hotel for the lift back to the car after the Poulter-Waimakakiri trip and for putting on fish and chips after the kitchen closed. The Poulter trip was gleaned from this forum (thanks Roman etc) and the Waimak gorge extension seemed an obvious option. No thanks to Virgin who lost my bags on the way in costing 36 hours of paddling time and scuppering the Waiau loop trip but we did get to paddle the Maori Gorge on the Hurunui and the Maruia as alternatives which were both much fun. As Mark mentioned in a previous post be wary of didymo, we spent 48 hours drying down before coming back to Oz … a pain but necessary . Thanks again Haydn for getting some nice vids out there !

Wow, sweet edits!

Nice work there Haydn.

I need to visit NZ!

Some beautiful footage there Haydn. Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.

Rad trip! Nice edits. D800…like

Spewing about the bags Mick!