Potential NSW Packraft Course

Saw this on the PaddleSafe Facebook page,

"PaddleSafe Waterways Guide Hi All - Canoe Tassie is happy for a similar course to be run in NSW by PaddleNSW. They will assist with the experts if we are a little short at homebase. Please express interest to education@paddlensw.org.au "

May be of interest…

Ta Lizzy.

I’ve email an expression of interest.

Any vague word on dates?

Unfortunately I have no idea of dates or if this will go ahead. I guess if they get enough emails they may look at running something… So when I saw it I thought I’d repost it here and see what happens. I wouldn’t mind doing the Tassie one but time, cost, transport get in the way- especially when I’d want to stay down there after to do more or bushwAlk :slight_smile:

Thanks Lizzy for getting this message out there. As you say, if anyone is potentially interested in a course running in NSW in the near future then they should let PaddleNSW know by directly emailing them - otherwise it simply won’t happen.

Likewise let them know what sort of level of course you are looking for and whether you would need to hire a packraft. It takes a lot longer than people think to arrange such courses. In Tasmania it has taken a couple of years since instructors started talking about running one, for it to occur. And that is really thanks to the drive of Alex McWhirter in making it happen.

I have no doubt that there are qualified AC whitewater instructors in NSW keen to run such a course and there may well be some who already have significant packrafting experience. On behalf of the instructors on the Tasmanian courses I can say that we are certainly willing to travel to NSW, however, exactly the same issues apply for us as instructors - time, cost and transport (all of which have the potential to impact on the cost of such a course to participants).

Hopefully as the profile of the sport grows, more and more whitewater instructors will embrace packrafting, rather than dismiss it, and we will see a larger number of courses being offered across Australia and NZ.

If people have ideas (e.g. of dates or course levels) that they want to put out there then certainly this forum is a good place to start those discussions but ultimately people need to contact PaddleNSW to make it happen.

P.S. There are currently only 3 spots left on the beginner course that is taking place on 7-8 Nov in NW Tassie so get in quick. If transport or equipment issues are stopping people from coming over for this course then send me a PM and I’ll see what I can arrange to help out.

Cheers, Mark

This is an email which others may be interested in from PaddleNSW
"Hi All, as we may need to cover the costs for the instructor to fly in from Tasmania, we would need to charge each participant $300 plus GST and a minimum of 6 people.

The Course would be open to all levels of skill. Beginners provided with basic equipment & paddling skills for pack rafts, safety skills &risk management for waters up to Grade 2.

Experienced pack rafters would be urged to attend to review their knowledge and skill in preparation for leading others. Qualified Whitewater Guide/Instructors would also be welcome to participate to extend their knowledge and skill to pack rafting.

A suitable venue with camping facilities would be chosen. Possible venues could be the Barrington, Murrumbidgee, Kangaroo River - but very dependant on the water levels at the time.

Please reply if you are interested in a course planned for latter half of January?


Thanks Lizzy - all new to me. Thanks for posting and keeping everyone informed.

Much appreciated

I’d be keen to participate in a NSW course. Mid Jan being a good time.
Personally like to see a beginner combined intermediate type program.
Would have gone to Tassie if it was Mid Dec. This weekend just didnt work out.

And will email PaddleNSW too

PS and have a raft

If transport or equipment issues are stopping people from coming over for this course then send me a PM and I’ll see what I can arrange to help out.

Two more keen for NSW Packraft course