Possible Selway packraft trip August 2018

My wife and I “were” planning on paddle rafting (R2) the Selway this year just after permit season ends. But, as we watch the level drop, we are losing optimism that it will be at a fun level for even a paddle raft in early August this year (which surprises us since they started out with such a great snow pack this season). Since we will have our packrafts along as well (we are leaving tomorrow for three weeks of rafting/packrafting in Idaho/Montana), we may switch to them instead (or we may go elsewhere). We have WW canoed and rafted (oar frame) the Selway twice, but never packrafted it, so that might be a fun way to go this time if the river drops below what we want to take our 12’ raft down (~0.9’ at Paradise). So I was wondering if there were folks on here that might be interested in joining us (or letting us join them) for 5’ish day Selway trip launching in early August? We leave for the S. Fk. Flathead on the 16th (tomorrow) and won’t be regularly checking this site, but if you message me, I will eventually get it. Or, probably better yet, you can call/text me at 5 Four One dash Four Oh 8 hyphen Zero Eight Ninety2. Please note that at these low flows, the Selway is a technical class 3 (4) river that is probably not well suited for a beginner boater or someone who doesn’t have appropriate WW equipment (WW paddle, helmet, pfd, throw rope) and the skills to use it. Let me know if interested.