Portland Oregon Alpacka Yak or Llama owners???

If there is anyone in the Portland, Oregon area that owns an Alpacka Yak and or Llama would you be willing to let me check out your boat? Not to buy! Just to do a size check…I’m not sure which one will fit me!! Thanks!

So Im not in Portland, but if you get to the Bend area for some reason send me a message. We have 2 Llamas one with the cruiser spray deck and one with the whitewater deck and the river is across the street from our house If you want to test paddle this sized boat.
We may send them in to Alpacka sometime this winter to get the new cargo fly zippers installed, not sure when but at the moment they are here!


can be reached at

Thanks Kirk for the response. Much appreciated. I may try and make it to Bend in January. I will get ahold of you if that ends up happening. Thanks a lot.

Hey, I have an Alpacka in SE Portland you can check out. xhaiduk at gee gmail

@candlelight001 … Awesome thanks! I’m in SE PDX as well. I tried sending you a msg to your gmail. Hopefully that went through. Thanks again, talk with you soon.


Thor Tingey here. My family owns Alpacka, but I live in Portland. I have both a Yak and Llama in the new style if you want to check them out. Evenings are best. Contact me using my full name (no caps) and gmail.


Hey Thor! I sent a message to your gmail last week. You happen to receive it? Would like to take you up on your offer to check out a llama. Thanks man!