Pheasants Nest to Maldon TR

Well after the Shoalhaven fell through, we managed to run a section of the Nepean in good water. Great day out.

Bit of dribble on the blog Here.

Cool pictures Darren. The water flow looked pretty serious ! I took the path of humility and decided to wait for a less ‘challenging’ paddle, the Youtube video posted by Gus had some sections which would have guaranteed swims or worse for me… Apart from the ripped fingernail looks like a great day out ! Hope to see you all at a paddle at my experience level :slight_smile:

Well that makes two of us who with fingernail injuries from Sunday! I lost a decent chunk of mine yesterday whilst sea kayaking in the surf at Barwon Heads. Got trashed by a monster wave, with the end damage report being a bent rudder, snapped paddle leash, broken rudder cable and the missing chunk of fingernail.

Mine will grow back much quicker than Gus’s though :open_mouth:

G.Hopper, at 1m there was plenty of flow and it really is a good section of river. We did portage a couple as there was definitely more water than in the vid but it was consistently good at that height.

Craig! Sorry to hear about the fingernail and gear damage. Planning a crossing soon?

oh… and a couple more pics…

The thought of a crossing hadn’t even entered my mind Darren! Must be getting less adventurous in my old age. We were thinking about going for 3 day jaunt around the Prom this weekend but I don’t think I can spare the time off work unfortunately.

Btw I’m loving the look of that pourover rapid with the decent drop, looks sooo clean.

The prom sounds good Craig. I’ll get around to it one day.

The drop that Gus is doing in the second pic (leaning back) was an easy clean one but the pic below it had a spurt of cross flow turning it into a potential barrel roll. Great section to run though…kept us on our toes at that level.

Hi All

I should introduce myself, my name is Craig too ( yes another one !)

I was on the trip with Darren and Gus
Being my second white water trip I had a ball and really learned a lot on the trip and from Gus and Darren

How’s the finger Gus?

I have made a short video clip of the trip but for some reason it wont let me put the links in my first post as they think it is spam

I will try to put up a new post but if it doesnt let me i will post them in this report



Thanks for posting the blog, pics and vid. The finger is coming along well, though the timing is not great with me moving this weekend!

It’s the second time I can recall scraping my finger on the bottom after coming out of the raft trying to hold onto the paddle so perhaps its relatively common part of the body to Injure? In this case somehow the nail was ripped up which may not happen as often.

It was a great paddle, with the good flow making it fast and challenging, just what I was after to progress my skills.

Grasshopper, hopefully we can tee up a lower grade/volume trip at some stage, the Barrington would be ideal.



Thanks Gus - have heard good things about the Barrington and I enjoy that part of the world.

Great video Craig ! Thanks for posting.