PFD Sydney

2 questions:

Can someone give me a link to info on PFDs. i am sure there is one somewhere here.

Advice on a shop in Sydney to go buy one.

I am all new to this, Thanks.

Howdy Dave

Here’s a link to a PFD overview basically you’re looking for a Type III PFD that provides sufficient bouyancy for your weight. Although you could go the whole hog and get a Type V PFD aka a rescue vest and impress your mates with lots of attachments and cool looking stuff which you’d need to learn how to use :slight_smile:

Anaconda have basic but serviceable PFDs but as you’re in Sydney, you could also contact Mark Sundin at Expedition Kayaks He has a warehouse in Marrickville with some stock. He is a particularly good source of NRS kit and can import it at great prices.

Alternatively you can roll the dice and shop online. I bought an Astral V8 from which does the job OK and is light and effective.



Good info Dale. I bought an Astral V-eight also from Paddlecraft at Pittwater but recently acquired a rescue vest for bigger WW trips.

Hey Darren - what rescue vest did you end up going with ? I haven’t pulled the trigger yet…

I bought a used Macpac one off Chris. It’s an old one but does the job.

I was soo cut that that Macpac vest didn’t fit me (ie I am a fat bastard). I would not get anything but a recue vest for ww I think.


Take Dale’s advice, he and Steve are my gear gurus !


Thanks for the info. Took the Yak for an outing on Blackwattle Bay after work yesterday.

Mick, I can’t afford to be a gear guru…PFD’s on a wine bladder budget :slight_smile: