PFD differences

I’ve done some searching and reading already so sorry if this has been discussed and I missed it. I’m investigating PFDs and am trying to better understand the difference between a few styles. Looking at the Astral Ronny, V-eight, and YTV. They all have the same min 16 lbs of buoyancy, but the ronny and v-eight are touted as more general use vs the ytv as being for more whitewater use.

Can someone give me the low down on what kind of things differentiate them? For example, the YTV is a good bit heavier than the v-eight, and is recommended on the Alpacka site as better for whitewater. Given that it has the same buoyancy, why is it worth the weight penalty over the v-eight? What factors would I want to consider when deciding between the three? I want to be safe, but might give up some comfort for weight savings. Why not just choose the Ronny which is the lightest? Why should I not use the Ronny for whitewater?

Thank you.

The V-Eight is comfortable in a packraft and pretty lightweight, however I was turned off due to the mesh back providing no spinal protection. I settled on the Astral Ringo because it has a nice big front pocket, didn’t weigh much, and has plenty of protection.

nevaska - do you find the Ringo to be comfortable in the packraft? I’m gathering there is a safety trade-off in terms of mesh=comfort vs padding=more protection. I’m never likely to go beyond easy-ish class 3 paddling. Are spinal injuries common, or more of a remote possibility and maybe more in bigger rapids?

Yes the Ringo is comfortable in the packraft, about as much as any full foamed PFD. If you are running whitewater only occasionally and cautiously I would recommend the V-Eight because it’s more breathable and you will save yourself a pound of weight . I wanted full protection because I end up running rocky creeks and swimming not infrequently.