Tannin rich clear creek…the water is warm!

Peterson creek feeds out of Peterson Lake. Rain Dependent.
Use Montana creek gage.

There are a couple sections of this river that look like they go. Yesterday Lee P. and I ran the middle section. Montana gage was around 12ft. We walked in maybe 2 miles on trail and put in on maybe 3rd muskeg. First section of river was a bit bony, but ran. expect class II bumpy splash for 20 minutes before creek steepens up. First class II rocky slides with 4 foot drops. Last Mile of river becomes Class IV. You have to be able to put your boat where you want to. Class III/IV maneuvering and then 8ft drops for another mile. A bit less water would make pour overs less sticky. When the river becomes a canyon its about time to get out. The river then turns into a steep slide and 80ft fall. Get out before this…

We need to explore under the falls as it looks like river gets good again. Directly out of lake also looks fun for about a mile before 20ft falls take over again. Further exploration is needed and I’ll update at that point.