Peters Hills - Tokositna River

Peters Hills - Tokositna River area info needed please . . .

A bunch of us are hoping to walk the Peters Hills ridge line, drop down to Home Lake and paddle out the Tokositna River over the 3-day Memorial Day weekend.

Anyone know if the Petersville Road is likely to be open and drivable to the Petersville town-site (14 miles past end of state maintenance at Kroto Creek) by Memorial Day 2010? FYI Forks Roadhouse is at mile 19 of the Petersville Rd and the Petersville town site is 9 miles beyond the Forks Roadhouse.

I heard it has been a light snow year in the upper Su valley but have not been able to get in touch with Forks Roadhouse people; ADOT crews were not knowledgeable past Kroto Creek; other lodge owners in Trapper Creek have been no help; and, AK State Parks is not calling back.

So . . . . help please if you know anything

Not going in via Petersville Rd. but I’ll be on the Tokositna and Ruth river 27th-29th. Going to explore the Ruth moraine a little. The geological features on that moraine look pretty awesome (kettle ponds and boiling river coming out of the river meeting into the Ruth River). Plus the Ruth river looks like a good fun 6 miles of splashy fun. I’ll keep an eye out for ya. Thinking I am going to be camping near Alder Creek (west side of the Tokositna right at the big corner about 1.5 miles upstream of the mouth to the Tokositna. Stop by if you see a red hilleberg.

We moved the plan for this trip to July 4th weekend.

If you might like to join us for a 14 mile backpack and ~30 mile class I float, check out the details at :slight_smile: