Pelorus River Loop

Time was against me whilst in NZ but I did a good 20 km walk/packraft loop trip from the road end up to Captains Hut then back down through the Pelorus River gorge to the road end. Really lovely walking, river level was very low but still enough grade 2/3 in between the gorge pools to keep it fun. I did it as an overnighter but this could be done as a big day trip (for the fit & young), would be a great paddle with good water levels. A longer loop from Pelorus Bridge would be possible too and/or higher up the Pelorus track/river. Great loop country.


Great work Steve, and nice vid!

Love a good solo mission.

Looks like a good trip Steve. Nice looking country and section of river.Did you manage to have a fish at all? Like the tune in the video.

Darren, you are the original and best Solo Man :slight_smile: It is a very different head space, I have not done much solo for a long while but do rather enjoy it.

Rob, I had a few short sessions but it was pretty tough going on the fish front with very low crystal clear water and super spooky clever big trout. This couple of weeks in NZ was more of a ‘quality time’ trip with my lovely wife sooo… not so much adventure/fishing this time round (ate and dranks some great stuff though). Will be going back soonish for more adventure focused trip.


G’day Steve,
Trying to open this from East Timor is proving tricky! But sounds like a great trip. I hope you’re getting some paddling done with this dump you’ve been having.
Sharon and I survived Borneo- it was a mind blowing adventure- there is infinite Packrafting potential over there. I hope to post a report soon.
Go get on the Tuross for me- I’m raftless here in Dili and jealous of all that water you got going.

Got it open, looks sweet- be a great run with some more water.

Hey Dunc, great to hear from you, I was starting to worry about the pair of you as I had heard nothing!! Can’t wait to hear about your wild adventures, I can’t begin to imagine how wicked good it is :slight_smile: When you back? Travel safe my friend!


Hi Steve

Great flick.
Nice to see your home safe.
Hope we can hook up for a paddle soon as conditions have been on the improve in the valley.


Hey Matt, I was gonna ring you on Monday but the Tuross peaked a fraction too high :frowning: Perhaps next Monday if the rain holds the level over .75 ??


Hi Steve
Got this Monday off so a paddle would be great if conditions allow.
Wadbilliga or Morans Crossing looked OK last fall, maybe another drop will help for this coming Monday.