Patagonian wilderness 2011 - Call for adventurers

Call for adventurers and expeditionaries. For February 2011 I am preparing another exploratory packrafting Patagonian expedition to glaciers of Northern Patagonian Ice Field. This time the goal is to explore the area of Andres glacier (and also San Quintin glacier). Area of Andres glacier is pretty much unknown. The last and only expedition to the area took place in the seventies and was jointly organized by British military and Chilean navy. Pakrafts will make this area accessible to adventurers with much smaller logistic backing than a navy. This is a truly trip to unknown. We will not see footprints of other humans for a month - only Patagonian Andes, rivers, fjords, jungle and glaciers. This is pretty much as far into wilderness as you can get on the planet these days. Please see attached map for the planed route and a couple photos from my previous expeditions to the area. I am planing the expedition to last about one month and take place this austral summer. :arrow_right: Care to join me?


The expedition was a huge blast. I am still shaken by natural beauty of the places we visited during a month in the Patagonian wilderness. There will be more about the adventure once the austral summer is over.


Photo: Packrafting near one of the northern arms of San Quintin glacier, Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Aisen, Chile.

… and the slideshow from this incredible Patagonian adventure is here:


WOW, and WOW again.

What a fantastic trip, and what amazing images.

Amazingly, as a GP in Melbourne, Australia, in the last 2 days, I have had 4 patients who have recently been to Patagonia. I have always wanted to go there since I was a student, but time has not been on my side. During my student days, I worked part-time in an Australian outdoor gear shop for the company “Mountain Designs”, and the gear logo was a styalised picture of the Cero Torre (?sp) range. Patagonia is a dream to me, and your pictures have really been appreciated. Thank you.

Andrew Allan

Wow! fantastic trip.