Patagonian glaciers again in February 2010

For February 2010 I am preparing another packrafting expedition in the region of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field. Patagonian Ice Fields are among the most inhospitable and last explored places on Earth. They constitute world’s third-largest continental mass of ice, after Antarctica and Greenland. Over fifty glaciers spill off between granite peaks of Patagonian Andes directly into lakes or the sea. Ventisquero San Quintin is the largest glacier of Northern Ice Field. This glacier eluded earlier attempts of exploration.

During the expedition we will continue exploration started last year of arms of the glacier, its lakes and run-off rivers. The plan is to paddle between icebergs, do first rafting descents of rivers, sleep in the shadows of enormous Patagonian mountains and trek in spectacular wilderness. It will be about 4 weeks of trekking and paddling in our packrafts through various terrains. Please contact me if you want to join this special exploratory expedition.


A photo from last summer expedition to the area:

We are off to Patagonia soon for this adventure and looking for partners. More in this thread:
Western Patagonia - Tierra Incognita


I’m definitely interested, Jarek…