Partners Request - CO & UT

It’s looking like I’m going to be burden this year with an inordinate amount of free time. Not wanting to squander this opportunity, I would like to be on the water more (if there is any this year) and am looking for partners to paddle with…and possibly plan a couple of overnight trips as well.

About me: I’m 47, and in good shape. Probably a little bit type A, but still easy to be around and with a live and let live attitude (just don’t get any on me) :wink:. I live in Edwards, CO, and have been boating in one form or another for thirty five years. I have paddled hard decks most of my life, but 10 years ago I bought a packraft for canyoneering and backcounty fishing, and now find myself mostly using it and the IK. Back in my hard shell days I ran and considered myself a class 5 boater. But having been away from those situations for so long, I now think of myself as more of a 3 / 4 guy with solid backcountry skills.

I’m looking to run water almost anywhere in West, and am interested in everything from flat to class 4. I have done several solo multi-day trips over the past 10 years, both with and without whitewater. This year my bucketlist includes the Jarbridge/Bruneau and the Chetco. While I have enjoyed the solo challenges, it would be nice to find other like-minded masochist to share the misadventure and help with risk management.

If anyone has suggestions on other sites that are relevant to any of the above, please feel free to post, or hit me at my email below.

Look forward to hearing from you,

coloradoclimber 97@gmail

I would be interested in the Brunei/jarbridge if it flows this year.

I retraced part of your Bob Marshall trip last year in late August. Going back this year ('18) in late June to do it again if you’re out there.

(Last year hiked in Gordon Cr. and floated down to the White. Hiked up to the Chinese Wall and back down. Floated to Spotted Bear. Hiked from Spotted Bear over to Schafer Meadow and then finished my trip floating from Schafer to Bear Creek.)

Sweet trip, Hellcat. Clearly you are a much more capable backcountry guy then I am. I took the easy way through the Bob and floated most of it :wink:. Coincidentally, I will be in Montana in late June and would be interested in speaking with you about possible trips. Hit me at coloradoclimber97@gmail to discuss.