partners in the UK

new to packrafting done a few local trips when first got boat (north west england,buxton) interested in doing much more anyone out in the UK ?
also interested in south america done lots of jungle stuff but no packrafting. spk to you soon TA

Hiya Bounder!

Fantastic if you’re in Buxton as I’m just over the hill in Poynton. We should definitely meet up and do some rafting although I’m off to NZ/Oz in a few weeks’ and won’t be back until June. If I survive those NZ rivers and the Aussie floods I’ll be up for some more rafting then though. So far I’ve used it a bit in Scotland mainly on lochs and out in the sea in Pembrokeshire. Locally, the run down the Goyt between Marple and Chadkirk has been a nice little trip when the levels are up but it’s been a fairly dry year and options are limited around here. We must meet up and get something planned for the Summer!

Look forward to meeting a fellow packrafter!
All the best,

Hi mark ,sorry not picked up your message until now definatley be interested in meeting up and getting some packrafting done.
hope you have a good trip in NZ/ a reply and we can get in touch Ta for now graham.(bounder)!

Thanks Graham and no worries about the delay. It took me a while to see your message, too! I’ve just arrived in New Zealand (with packraft) and will be having a go at some of the easier rivers here over the next few months. There are some crackers here but a bit too high a grade for me at the moment. Be back home in June so it’ll be great to meet up and get out with the boats. It’s probably easiest if I send you a personal message through this forum when I get back. Hope you get some rafting in in the spring.
See you in the summer, Mark

Hello to the UK packrafters!

I have my first packraft on order and it should arrive this week. I’m in the London area (Northwood) and would love to get your feedback on places to use it. Most of my vacation time is spoken for this year, but I will be looking for trips next year. I’m not a native so I need to get educated on where best to paddle. I just got back from doing the Great Glen Way, and I could see lots of places to use it in Scotland. Unfortunately that is a little far for a weekend trip.


Just got my first packraft too. Took it for a mini-trial on the Thames last weekend but now looking for more fun places to packraft - got a day job so that’s weekend trips from near London.
Any suggestions? Or anyone fancy joining up for a trip?
It’s all in preparation for when I take it with me biking the Great Divide in the US at the end of the summer.

photos from last w/e if anyone’s interested: