Partners in Alaska

I am unemployed and have a packraft…which means I have tons of time/flexibility.

I just love getting out and about, and I am hoping to meet some more rafters…

Shoot me a message!

It might help if you post what kind of water/trips you are looking at doing.

I am always looking for a partner. Have plans for tomorrow but I’m free after that.

John- 982-2908

Hey, I am also looking for some more packrafting partners. Most of my boating experience has been on glacier creek(live in girdwood). Working up in Nenana right now though, would be cool to do some floats in this area, although most creeks seem pretty low at the moment. Would be fun to do a trip this weekend somewhere.


All of the packrafting articles I read on here are in Alaska. Just bought a new pack raft and am looking to do trips around Fairbanks, Denali Hwy, Brooks Range and elsewhere. I did a short trip last summer with a alaska raft. It was so much fun. I have some river experience with canoes and larger rafts.

Would like to packraft the kenai canoe trails/Swanson river for 3-5 days this summer and am looking for a partner. Dates are flexible but will need to firm up before April so I can buy a ticket from CA. If anyone has similar plans, please let me know!
Scott Tolladay