Partners for Utah, Colorado this summer

Just moved to Moab and I’m looking for packraft partners to run some rivers in Utah and Colorado. My schedule is set, and I’ll be free:
June 15th - June 21st
June 30th - July 5th
July 13th - July 18th
July 29th - Aug 2nd
Aug 11th - Aug 15th
Let me know if you are interested in planning a trip.

Hi Brandon,

Swing by our canyoneering shop at 50 East Center Street in the Center Street Square. We’re pretty busy guiding this time of year, but we do get out quite often on personal trips.


Matt what is ‘hot’ right now over your way for packrafting? I am thinking about the Price River from US 6 to the Green River, class III roadless for June 18-19 (or as a long 1 day trip?). Ever done that one?

I see the Muddy Cr. Chute fell in a week top unboatable.

Other ideas?

Brandon, I want to do the Price during that next block of time you have off. Are you game.

Doug 970-433-4312

Hello Brandon,

Let me know if you have any plans for your next days off. I’m doing a road trip, I’m in Prescott AZ now and will be spending a couple days hiking in the Grand Canyon next and then heading NE.
Will be traveling thru Canyonlands Nat. Prk and then to Moab and Arches Nat. Park. I just completed a fundamental whitewater kayaking class but have only Packrafted on calm rivers and played some in the surf of Padre Island.

I just sold my Alpaca raft for the bigger Yukon and a spray deck. Planning on getting the Yukon out for the first time in a couple hours and practice swimming-getting in and out with the spray deck.
I might also head back towards the Hoover Dam to explore the Black Canyon area, looks like a good place to get some more practice in.


4th of July weekend - you guys getting plans together? Anyone considering The Chute on Muddy Creek? A couple of us in PRs and one IK are probably heading over that way. More will be merrier.

Brandon, I’m off Aug. 11-15. I live in Denver, new packrafter but have some whitewater kayaking experience from a while back. I’m down for a western Colorado or Utah river trip. Email me at justin.baccary[at]gmail[dot]com to discuss.



Are you still living in Moab, finally got a raft and looking to get out alot this year. Are you a Cyclist also?