Partners for Brooks/North Slope in June

Tentatively planning a packrafting/backpack trip for northwest AK (Upper Colville/Kokolik/Ipewik/Nigu, etc.) or ANWR in early-ish June 2014, and looking for travel mates. The bush plane can fit 3 or 4 with gear. I have the maps, the logistics and I have been hiking and paddling north of 60 for 30 years. Please send me a PM if interested. I’m probably not into too much ‘forced march’ mode–mostly want to go light and enjoy endless light, wildlife, the joy of moving water and the return of summer in all its glory, while tapping into some new territory.
Thanks, Watergrl

Sadly I can’t make it in June, though I’m hopefully going to make it up by mid/late july for a couple of weeks if that works in your schedule.
If not, too bad.
Let me know,


I will send you a person PM. Thx!

Did you find a partner and get in a trip in June? I know that I am way ahead of the game but I am starting to think about next summer. My sweatheart/regular partner won’t be able to join me in Alaska next summer so I am starting to look for travel companions. I would like to return to the Brooks Range or ANWR. Any chance you will be packrafting in that area again next summer? I am hoping to find mature, experienced travel companions, it would be a bonus if I found myself traveling with fellow ladies.

Hi Teresa,
I just now saw your post from last fall! I am sending you a PM.