Pakraft with WindPaddle

Hey Guys,

I have match my Yak with Wind Paddle. When the wind picks up I was fast across the water. Definately needs a DIY blade below to whole my directions. From my bike to sailing its 15mins max out. :mrgreen:

I am using surfcast weight to hold my position while fishing. Since, I have fish & crab on it.

Anyone doing Windpaddle? Share your experiances?

Michael Seah


I’d love to see some photo’s of your set up as it sounds like fun, I’m trying to visualize if its hand held or Packraft mounted!

Found this with google
Looks Uber with a Kayak, not so sure about a packraft.
Great idea though.

The Windpaddle come with 2 quick connect that can be link to the tabs in front of my Yak. sure the wind paddle works. Even in light wind, I glide over the water. Highly recommended.

Just be careful when the wind keeps changing directions. It will spin the Yak. I usually leave 1 end of my paddle in the water to give exta guide.

My recent experiance is Yak+windpaddle+crab-hawk. Got some big crab for dinner.

Also the local army helicopter got interest in me, what I am doing with such fine boat. The small helicopter circle above me. Water are moving about, till I paddle back. Going to try again soon.

Michael Seah

I recently tried making my own sail. It was kind of a bust, but I think with some tinkering I can get it to be serviceable. Has anyone else tried putting a homemade sail on a packraft?

Do you recommend the Adventure model or the Cruiser? I am very interested in getting one of these fitted to the front of my Llama.

Did you have a look at the earlier models of the Windpaddle? They used an umbrella so perhaps that could be somewhere to start that uses things that you may already have and attach it to your paddle somehow.