Paddling River Spray

I was thinking about trip up to the River Spray this spring to get more familiar with my Denali Llama. I would walk in from Tulloch to Loch Spray and then paddle as far as Aviemore and get the train back to London. Anyone familiar with it in the spring and have any idea how long one would expect to take to cover the 62’ish Km (estimate based on getamap) from Loch Spray to Aviemore?

Hey mate.

Think you mean Loch Spey / River Spey, right?

I don’t know about it, but there is a write up for a section off it at

Says it’s grade 2. Don’t know about the rest of the river. I’d be hesitant about running anything past an easy grade 2 at the very most by myself.

60k would take about 3 days depending on the speed of the water and how long you could sit in a packraft for. More like 4 or more days I’d think if you wanted to enjoy it…

Dam you auto-correct! Yes I ment Loch Spey and River Spey.