Packrafts and Alligators?

Do Gators discern between a hard side canoe or boat and a nice soft chewy packraft? I want to packraft the Wekiva River in Florida where alligators are plentiful but so are rental canoes and paddling traffic so gators would be accustomed to the routine. 12-18 months ago a woman swimming in the Wekiva to cool off after a running race and lost her arm. The gator was caught killed, verified it was the attacker.

Everglads, FL: packraft blogger describes paddling down narrow waterways and determining it’s a dead end. Then seeing Alligators move toward him but went around the packraft to get away. The lesson being if they feel trapped with no way out, it doesn’t matter what your in.

Georgia: packraft blogger described feeling gators rub along the bottom of the packraft.

Any experience with gators and your packraft?