Packrafting Wyoming's Wildest Corner

The Du’Mor’ packrafting route starts in the Dunoir near Dubois and finishes on the Buffalo Fork River near Moran, Wyoming. The route links three wilderness rivers by crossing three high mountain passes (including the continental divide) through the most remote country in the contiguous 48 states.

On July 6-11 2013, Michael Fiebig, Jim Harris, Forrest McCarthy, Andrew McLean, and Moe Witschard completed the 97-mile route through Wyoming’s Washakie and Teton wildernesses.

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What a great trip, had to share on face book. Forrest, you live a charmed life I’m sure.

Wonderful Forrest, great vid, great blog, great trip!

Was that your red van at Turpin Meadows? I did the North Fork Buffalo and the camp host said a group of packrafters had gone up to run a bunch of rivers.

It was Moe Witschard’s van who was with us.

Great video…I must have just missed you guys by a day or two. That same crazy camp host was telling me about a couple different groups that had recently hiked up to Turpin Meadow to packraft a few rivers. I hiked up to the Soda Fork and put in, ran the N. Buffalo Fork to the confluence and then back to the TH. Was a blast and I plan on doing it again next year, but hopefully catch it with a little more flow.

I didn’t have bear spray and the camp host was out looking for some lost horses. She insisted that I take hers (maybe she heard my singing and didn’t want that noise pollution in the valley) and leave it at her campsite when I came out.