packrafting trips over easter in Oz??

Greetings and salutations fellow PRs…

Although not new to PR, I am very new to this forum. Being in its fledgling state down here in Oz was wondering if anyone is planning any PR trips over easter? I don’t know too many peeps who have boats so looking for a crew or few to join. Only recently got my boat and have taken it down the Kowmung, Barrington, Cotters, and flat section of Colo. Am paddling G2-3.

Happy to give more info or could sus a trip myself if there are any takers or suggestions…


Giday and welcome Sharon, great to see another Oz packrafter join us.

We (3 or 4 of us) will be doing top of the Tuross as a day trip over Easter if your keen to hook up with a few other packrafters? It depends on levels, 1.3 is perfect. It is a lovely trip. This was a month or so back,

I would be really keen to hear about your Kowmung trip? I am keen to do it at some stage and have been working out the logistics, any info would be great?


Hey Steve

Sorry for the delay have been out of email contact a while.

Tuross sounds great - checked out the vid and looks sweet. Which day were you thinking?

More than happy to give you the beta on Kowmung - kind of timed it perfectly when we ran it as it had been raining fairly consistently the 3-4 days prior so there were no portages (although we didnt know what to expect) some nice G2-3 stuff and quite fast moving for the last 7 odd kms. Put in at Ginja Creek, take out Colo jxn, 20 odd km, 7 hr paddle, water level 0.8m…took some nice lil vids also. Here are a sample of shots.

Maybe easy to chat for the dets on Kowmung and easter…shoot me a text and Ill call u 0403987713



sharon - rockin ! Loks great. I think you can claim the first packraft descent of the Kowmung !

Steve - looks like we have to add it to the list…


The water level is way to low for the Tuross for next weekend, so it is not a goer :frowning:. Level needs to be at least .9 to run it. It was 1.25 last time we did it (the video) so anything up to 1.4 or 1.5 would be great. Higher than 1.5 than would scare me I think.

The Kowmung looks awsome, I am very keen to do it now. Keen Jules? could be a good late season run with rain after May as it would also have the truts running up?, there are a few others up there that need looking at.

I did Brogo dam to the highway last weekend, an easy but really nice 12 km paddle at 1.4 Grade 1 & 2

I am thinking the mountains again soon ??


I camped on the Kowmung over the weekend at the base of Roots Ridge Trail and the river was flowing with some vigor. Looks like a great trip to be had - would love to give it a shot.

hi, Just a question. Did you do the entire length of the Kowmung??? I have a group looking at doing it later in the year and any info would be great.