Packrafting trips of late!

Yo! So, apart from my weird Steve dream, I have actually been packrafting also. Some photos of Snowy Creek, upstream of Mitta Mitta (my wife and little boy). This is a great place for the PR. Beautiful river, small rapids but a really nice place to float around…and the rapids while small, were consistent with not too much flat in between. Photos also of my buddy Tim doing what I believe is the first descent of the Jacbos River (near Lower Snowy). Grade 3 and lots of rapids in a short space. Woot! Also a photo of my BIIIIG packraft! Taking Oskar for a spin on the Murrumbidgee with the oar rig.

And the big packraft picture.

Chris, that is some nice looking tight water, great to see that you’ve got Oskar in the boat already!! I’d like to say keep ‘livin’ the dream’ but that could get weird…


Great pics Chris! I’ve been hanging to see some more trip reports. Was it a first packraft descent of Jacobs? Or have you guys run it in kayaks before?
(Sorry, not familiar with Jacobs)

Nice Chris, I was eyeing off Jacobs, from the road on the way back from the training g course, looks fun!



Snowy Creek looks awesome Chris, did you run anything on the Big River while you were up there? Where abouts did you guy’s start on Jacobs? Did not look like there was much water in there on the recent drive past.


The Big River/Mitta looked promising with more water. Jacobs section? There is a goat track about 3km up from the bridge at the spot where a car can pull off on the river side. Also you can see where the river heads away from the road, and it’s at the junction of Thatchers Mountain Creek. The upper section? Off native dog road, through NP and private property. Also…my buddy packrafted the Goodradigbee (I was kayaking). It’s certainly a great PR trip, look for heights above 1.1m at WeeJasper…and maybe not above 1.4m. Technical Grade 2-4. Mostly easy three. Lotsa rapids!

Chris did you do from Brindabella to Flea creek on the Goodradigbee?


We paddled from McDonalds Flat to Flea Creek. The bit from Brindabella to McDonadls Flat is Grade 2…but can be paddled down to 0.9m…but the gold is McFlat down. I will post an ALERT when the level is up! 4WD low range is a must.

I’d bee keen to raft that when the levels hit were they gotta be again.