Packrafting training 2.0 (Sydney)

Hi Guys,

First post! I have learnt a bunch from stalking here and can’t wait to meet a few of you in person.

Just about to take the plunge and order an alpacka fitted out for white water (white water deck, thigh straps) and keen to do as much basic training as I can during the next 6 months before heading to for a 20 month world trip. I have recently been doing eskimo rolling practice every couple of weeks with the Sydney Uni kayaking club and was wondering if anyone around Sydney would be keen to do some fortnightly rolling practice/ general packraft skills sessions?

I also planning to hit the beach every other week to get my balance and strength up in an environment I am familiar with. Finally, I have been doing alot of practice as bents basin (I cant post url’s [spammy apparently] but look up packrafting bents basin) as it is close. If anyone is keen to join me for any of this or has any other great training spots in mind please post or send a PM.

All the best,


P.S. Unlike Chris who ran the first training session, I don’t have amazing skills so will try and learn by trial and error, youtube instruction and constantly re-reading Roman’s book.

Hey Jeremy,

Sorry for the late reply mate…Things can get a bit slow around here. Good to hear you pulled the trigger on a raft and are making the effort to train up. Sounds like you are doing all the right things before you head off OS, and make sure you post up any trip reports wherever you may be.


Hi Darren,

Thanks for the post, I have noticed that the traffic flow on here is fairly chilled. The raft came in the mail today so I took it for a quick spin on Glenbrook creek (little write up on blog link at bottom). Also, I am planning to hit up the Grose river from Faulconbridge this Sunday (if the rain isn’t too bad) if you or anyone else is keen?

Quick trip report:

I’m booked up for a while now but if other plans fall through I may check it out. :slight_smile: