Packrafting through the rhine valley?

So, I just moved to Wiesbaden and was looking for a pack raft trip. Was thinking about floating the rhine through the castle-cruise ship route from Rudesheim to Koblenz or one of the other villages along the shore, then hopping on the DB back to Rudesheim. Are any of you familiar with the legality of this course of action, as I was somewhat taken aback by the complete lack of recreational boats I observed when I scouted this out and though it indeed has lots of big ships and a couple of visible hazards it seemed an otherwise ideal setting for the canoe/kayak/packraft variety of recreation. Any info is greatly appreciated

Hi Jeremy, geographically, it sounds like a fascinating trip. Have you tried a long distance packrafting trip on flat water before? There is no getting round it, they are SLOW, and you have to have both patience and physical endurance to push them along. If you can manage that then how brilliant to do a trip on such a magnificent river. My local practice rivers are basically still, and I’ve concluded that for me, the water has to have some speed to help me along. For flat water I would hire a canoe or a kayak.

all the best,