Packrafting the Grose

Hey everyone,

On the weekend I was lucky enough to hit the Grose with 6 others, mostly from the Willow Warriors. The level was 1m falling to 0.9m throughout the trip and was blast! Was also great to learn about willows and other nasty weeds growing on river banks.

Thanks to Steven for the great edit!


Nice one Jeremy … will add it to the every growing list !

Looks excellent Jeremy

Can you give a few more details. Where you entered and exited? How long you took?


Hi Paradza,

In the process of writing a report but am under the pump at the moment. Short answers are Faulconbridge pt to Yarramundi and maybe 5 hrs. Definitely needs scouting if you haven’t done it before. Some parts can be grade IV and sievey - especially when the water is a little higher.



Hello everyone,

Some more details and pics can be found here:

Please let me know if you have any questions! I also forgot to add - the walk in usually takes around 2-3hrs and the rafting took us maybe 5 hrs.



Hi Jeremy, just a bit of river level guidance on the Grose River.

This is my backyard river and every time I paddle it I am amazed at what a great wilderness river it is literally an hour from Sydney CBD. Its just made for packrafting.
The Grose is a small catchment and so comes up and drops quickly. The gauge is here

I’ve paddled it from 0.5 to over 2m

Heres my classification

below 0.9 - only if you must
0.9-1.2 Funsies, good for beginners
1.2 - 1.6 bit more pushy and need some skills, especially after Springwood Creek
above 1.6 starting to be a serious paddle, can be hard to eddie out in some sections due to trees

See you on the Grose