Packrafting New Mexico

Alaska transplant now living in New Mexico. Looking for people to paddle with on the Rio Grande, Chama and in Southern Colorado. My experience is class III/IV Guardrails- Willow, AK.

Hey Ruffino,

I’m unfortunately new to packrafting but long-time backpacker. I’m geared up (AQ shred + had to go nirvana b/c lead times at Alpacka…), but I have a lot to learn. I’ve done some ocean and lake kayaking before, always enjoyed it, but only a few times. I’m heading up to Durango (from Las Cruces) in the next week or two for some IK and/or raft runs with a company to build a bit of experience, then plan to test/play/learn with the nirvana at the whitewater park there in Durango.

I could try to hit you up on the way back to Cruces? I’ll have clearer plans and exact dates sometimes this week.