Packrafting near the Northern Patagonian Ice Field

Dear packrafters,

For those of you who may be interested in our account of a month-long packrafting adventure in Patagonia - Expedition Explorers 2008, we have posted some notes and photos on our website.

We were hoping to get these up sooner but we got distracted by overland desert journeys in the Atacama Desert. However we are excited to share our amazing experience with the friendly community that was so helpful in our packraft initiation (thanks especially Glenn and Sheri for their help in securing our crafts and to for sharing the wisdom of your experiences on your website—it really helped us gear up for ours). We hope you all enjoy the photos.

We are now on our way back down to the same region to paddle the beautiful rivers and fjords again this Feb/March and hope to visit more of the Ice Field’s receding glaciers on our route. We promise to take lots of photos.

Rianna and Jarek
Antofaya Expeditions

my goodness, that is some fish.

wow! awesome pics, scary fish…