Packrafting near Perth?

We’re moving to Perth, Australia. Should we bring packrafts? Crocodile concern?
We’re only familiar with wildlife concerns like brown bears and such . . .
Is there good packrafting in the area?


Since no WAfians (sand-gropers) have replied, I’ll dare to speak on their behalf as someone from ‘over east’. I’ve been to Perth a few times for work, and spent a summer there while at Uni doing vollie work at UWA over a decade ago.

As you’ve probably gathered, Perth is in one of the driest places in a dry continent… but all is not lost. If it’s packrafting big rivers that floats your boat, things will be, umm, different. The SW corner of WA would likely have many small creeks, rivers and estuaruries to explore. The big seasonal river up north are a different kettle of fish and yes, crocs would become a serious consideration once you reach a certain point (a long way up). Do travel to the far north - it is really another planet, has a stunning harsh beauty and is home to around 50 000 years of the world’s oldest continuing civilisation.

I think Kalbarri would be worth a look - it’s around 600 km north of Perth, floating the Murchison River. 600km is not a long way in WA. I haven’t been there but know of it through rockclimbing. and

The Avon Descent is a popular annual whitewater event - google would be your friend and probably help you get in touch with what I imagine would be a small, but dedicated, whitewater scene in WA.

Have fun. Perth is an isolated, yet self-confident, highly livable city. Warm as toast in summer, a bit wet and windy in winter; a distinctly medditeranean climate. If you surf, WA rocks, but Perth itself has, umm, pretty poor waves due to offshore islands. If you dive, WA rocks, with shore-dive coral reefs available (A work collegue has raved about camping and diving at Coral Bay. Around 1150km north of Perth. Climbing in WA is good, and there are some classic long walks eg, . If you are a flyfisher, store your troot gear (there are some dedicated stocked trout locations, but really… it wouldn’t be world class. Or second class) and start stocking up on you 7-12 weight gear, shooting heads and badass gear and 4/0 flies ! are meant to be a great bunch of folks. Exmouth is apparently a world class fly fishery.

In short, take your rafts - they can be used and would be fun. I’d be surprised if there are any other packrafts in WA, given there are apparently only around 20 in the country. Let us know !