Packrafting in Willmore Wilderness, BC

Has anyone done trips in Alberta’s Willmore Wilderness Park? From a brief look at topo maps, satellite photos, and on-the-ground photos, it looks rife with opportunity, but mo’ beta would be mo’ betta.

yes. it is gorgeous. the morkil pass area is particularly precious. it is not the correct venue for unescorted novice trekkers. prior to hunting season you can have it to yourself. one can enter up thru jasper pk and egress out the the kakwa in two directions. the south kakwa exit may involve a nasty ford.
i hiked it pre-gps, so navigation would be less vague today. there are pack trails all over the place, but, since only the hunting guides know where they Actually Go … it’s kind of a crap shoot as to which ones to take.
that jasper entry route is not for youngsters.
there are big, large, lots, of bears.
it’s awesomely pretty. it may well be the nicest place in the entire length of the Rockies.

oh, but it’s not really a packraft’y place.

peter v.


The valleys do look inviting for packrafting on my map; what specifically makes them unsuitable in your view?

On a different matter, I couldn’t find the “Morkil Pass” you mention on my map. Where is it? What creeks or rivers is it between?