Packrafting in wilderness Sweden

This summer I explored the swedish river Fjätan by packraft from headwater to its confluence with the bigger river Österdalsävlen. I documented my trip and the result is a film full of failure, success and millions of black flies. Sit down with a cub of tea, press play and come with me on a true wilderness Vimeo:

Lovely trip and report. I do wish you had put in more detail on the route to the put-in. I tried to find a likely location on online maps, so I could follow along, but failed.

Hi Raven
Thank you! Lovely to hear that you watched and enjoyed the movie. I am also glad that you ask for more information about a map of my journey and the river.

Here is a direkt link for a google maps with put in / take out and camp sites marked.

Furthermore: On my homepage I’d made a river guide to Fjätan. It contains more information about the river, how to get there and a paddling guide with rapids, Whitewater classifications e.g… The paddling guide itself can downloaded as a pdf file. The direct link is here: Guide to the River Fjätan - Urban Packrafter

If there is anything more you would like to known just ask :slight_smile: