Packrafting in the UK – Clothing

Thumbs-up from me for the Tempest pants, too. Especially with the 25% discount that Knoydart were doing about a year ago on Kokatat clothing. I’ve been using a pair with the Tempest top in the UK and like them. Fairly lightweight and insulate well in cold water. As you say, great for wading out.

I’ve had a little water come in over the top of the Tempests - at the small of the back when going over a drop and having water run down my back. Then of course it pools in the feet where it can’t get out. Have you tried them in a full immersion yet? I should really try it but suspect that there will be a fair bit of leakage unless you get out of the water quickly. Looking at the stitching, there is no taping where the neoprene waist is stitched to the rest so I guess they would leak even if the waist sealed fully against the top. Still, can’t argue with the price and the material is good.

I’m still on the lookout for some good multi-use shoes to wear with them that would be good for hiking. I’ve been using Inov8 Mudroc 290’s but, aswell as the blister that one seems to give me, they take a while to dry out but then what doesn’t? It would be nice to have something that won’t hold any water but maybe that is not possible in a shoe that is comfortable to hike in.

Happy packrafting!

Anyways, I have a lot of nice but unwanted clothes that I could put up on eBay, but I think it would be more fun to swap

Then post in Swap Shop rather than Packrafting Gear!

hi… wonderful collection of outdoor , hiking outfits are always essential.

i always buy outergear from ebay, amazon and feel satisfied, but now a days, i swap and exchange my izod apparel with my fellow packrafter:)