Packrafting in the News

A good piece on Roman Dial and packrafting appeared in the September 7th Anchorage Daily News. Here is the link:

Excellent, I just love the quote, “… It’s like a mountain bike for the water.”

This is a great thread to keep track of articles on packrafting. Here is another:

“It’s amazing the amount of food that little guy can pack in.”


The morning after meeting them while anchored up at Barney’s Hole, she went ashore to check on them.
“You think of adventure people and you expect them to be up at the crack of dawn,” she said.
Not so for Parsons and Kentch, who at 9:30 a.m. were nowhere to be found, she said. Later they rolled out of bed, rubbing their eyes and thinking about the day ahead.

Slackers! :laughing:

We were on vacation, you’re supposed to sleep late while on vacation!
And actually we were thinking about the day ahead before getting up. its part of the process you see. Cookie dough, think about day. repeat , repeat again, start over and repeat, then stand up slowly…