Packrafting in Sydney/ NSW FB group

Hi Guys,

In a copycat move of John, I have created a FB group for packrafters around Sydney/ NSW

It will hopefully be useful for organising floats with fellow rafters.



Good one. Request sent. Cheers

Hello everyone!

Occasional lurker , first time poster :slight_smile:

Not a Facebooker and unfortunately don’t have any other friends who raft so but would be keen to meet up with some peeps on here with a little bit more whitewater experience than myself. Would love to get out more on some adventures and learn some new skills and meet like minded people.

I see there’s a few on here often keen and out and about on trips - give me a yell and if all good would love to tag along…

Went to TAS for the Packraft course in November (Hello Mark) last November and learnt a lot from the guys…
Can highly recommend anyone interested in these courses as there’s a lot to learn and are good fun

-Based in southern Sydney
-Have car and don’t mind driving
-Keen for day trips & multi day trips
-Don’t mind walkin…
-Colo, Shoalhaven, Snowies… wherever…

Feel free to get in touch.


Pm sent.

Yo Dave, if it was me you were trying to PM, doesn’t look like any messages have come through…??