Packrafting in RUSSIA

Hello to all packrafters of this club!
My name is Iskander Karmanov, I am a Russian packrafter. I got my first packraft in 2013 and now actively promote and popularize packrafting in Russia. Our country is huge and have are many wild-nature areas with diverse climate and relief, so you can choose a route for every taste.

I made a website where I talk about the possibilities of different areas of Russia for packrafting and give a characterization of climate and terrain. And I give examples of combined (foot & paddle) trips.
If you are interested in a new mountains for your feet and new rivers for your packraft – welcome to the site, and I’m ready to answer your questions )))
My site:

Best regards,
Iskander Karmanov,
Kazan, Russia
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New publication: With the packrafts to Ochenyrd

Packraftign in the Polar Urals, 1-22 August 2017.
Short description of our trip in English.

On foot = 282.2 km, on paddle = 144.3 km, total = 426.5 km

New region is added ))
Packrafting in Russia, chapter 7: CAUCASUS

Coming soon: the Altai & Sayan mountain systems.

New regions added ))

- Packrafting in Russia, chapter 8: ALTAI AND SAYAN MOUNTAIN SYSTEMS

- Packrafting in Russia, chapter 9: CENTRAL RUSSIA

Have a nice packrafting! :wink: