Packrafting in Bali

Check this out!

Nice article & photos Huey! Those green rice fields bring back fond memories of growing up in Thailand and driving out of town with my parents for holiday!

What was the Ayung River like?

Sawadee Krap!

Those rice fields were amazing places, just relaxing to walk among them.

Ayung river was exciting ! There were just so many rapids that I had no chance to take out the camera. Some of them were pretty hairy, notwithstanding the fact that it was my first time in a packraft. At the end, I felt like I just went through a washing machine.

One can float all the way from Ubud to the sea. Well worth the trip.

Ubud to the sea in Bali – now that sounds like a classic internation PR trip, particularly if it has some snorkeling off the raft over the coral reefs.

Not sure abt the corals, though there will definitely be some surf and lots of places for ice-cold “Bintang Beer”!