Packrafting Iceland

My name is Curt. I’m from Montana, USA. My wife and I are in the early stages of planning a 2 week (or a couple shorter trips) packrafting trip in Iceland. I’m realizing there is great potential for adventure (see also “limited information for planning”). I’d say we are “intermediate” packrafters (class II, III). We’re hoping to get any information on doable rivers as we feel we can get creative on the hike in or out. Thanks for any direction you are able to provide!

If you haven’t seen it already, my post of runs done a couple years ago is

Hi Curt,

I’m from Colorado and planning a 2 week trip to Iceland in July with two packrafts (my soon-to-be wife and I). I’m researching as well and not coming up with much more than Johnx1967 awesome post. Would love to share ideas with you and if you’re going in July maybe organize a shuttle! We’re limiting our floats to Class II…

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